Restaurant recommendation service “Siksin Hotplace” changes its name to “Siksin”.


Top restaurant recommendation and user review service “Siksin Hotplace” announced its new start with a new name – “SikSin”. Siksin is a restaurant recommendation service based on user participation. It uses 150 million check-in data to pick 25,000 top restaurants. Currently the service is very popular with 150,000 active users.

From this reorganization, not only the name of the service but also the web service has been changed drastically. A popular feature, “Siksin Magazine” offers project articles in which the Siksin team directly covers. It also cooperates with various medium such as the Korea Tourist Service Inc, top food bloggers, reporters, and production directors to provide detailed descriptions about popular restaurants and dishes.

The abovementioned feature is also subdivided into six segments such as project articles and customer preference. From this reorganization, the magazine is segmented to increase the user experience to directly transfer from magazine to restaurants and vice versa.

ByungIk Ahn, the CEO of SeeOn Corporation, said “This reorganization was implemented  in order to take opinions from users as much as possible. We changed the name of the service to be easily pronounced and remembered. We restructured the magazine website’s menu arrangement  to increase the use-friendliness. We will continue to improve our service maintaining our  user-friendly service concept.”

Siksin App is also growing as an Online-to-offline based food tech specialty company. It has various convenient functions such as “Easy Booking” where users can make reservations  for more than 25,000 restaurants by clicking a button and the mobile friendly electronic meal coupon  “Siksin E-Meal Coupon” for office workers. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore, T Store and Appstore, and is also available from the website.


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