The 10 Hottest Korean Apps in November


There’s no shortage of innovative and impressive mobile apps out right now in Korea’s startup scene. But which are the coolest? We’ve put together a list of some of the coolest mobile apps that have been featured by Tech for Korea (TFK) in November.

There are over 1.3 million apps in Apple’s App Store, and another 1.3 million in Google’s Play store, so finding your next app can be overwhelming. We use apps for a comfortable and convenient living, so to save your precious time and energy, we’ve compiled a list to find out some of hottest apps in Korea. The ranking was determined purely by the number of readership in November.

Meet some of the coolest startups selected by Tech for Korea in November.

#10 Goodproduct


Goodproduct” is a curation service for products from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Goodproduct gives customers points whenever they complete simple missions-such as surveys- that are useful for these small-medium-sized businesses, and allow customers to trade their points with real products. Such a system allows small businesses to substitute their products for extra advertising costs. Until the end of the year, businesses that use Goodproduct to advertise can use the platform for free. Since the products businesses offered through this platform are usually new products in the market, consumers can also enjoy ‘watching’ new products that are registered.

See “Take survey and get the latest business product in return- Introducing app ‘Goodproduct’

#9 FoodFly


FoodFly” provides delivery service from famous restaurants that do not offer delivery service. Currently they are actively expanding into different neighborhoods including Gangnam, Songpa, Guangjin, Guanac, Mapo, Seungdong, Yongsan and Dongjak. On Nov. 16, TFK featured FoodFly for its making a partnership with a food delivery service “Plating”. Through the partnership, FoodFly plans to get their food delivered to customers’ homes at a specific time they want and can enjoy luxurious dishes made by a chef in as short as five minutes.

See “‘Delivering chef’s plate’ FoodFly cooperates with Plating

#8 Parking Park

Parking Park

Parking Park is an app, which provides information about more than 23,000 parking lots across Korea, collaborated with a parking system and solution specialized company called ‘Tomato Electronics’ and created Internet of Things (IoT) based ‘Online to Offline (O2O) manless parking fee transaction system’. Since 2013, Parking Park has been providing services to drivers such as GPS navigation, parking spot guidance, alarms informing parking time expiration. With the development of ‘real time parking fee transaction service’, parking lot operators can now better manage their parking lot systems.

See “Paying Parking Fees Gets Easier with ‘Parking Park’

#7 Haemuk Namnyu

Haemuk Namnyu

Heamuk Namnyu is a recipe sharing app, which recommends recipes for the millennials who are familiar with viewing food contents such as cooking videos or eating videos online. On Nov. 4, TFK featured Haemuk Namnyu for releasing its iOS version. The app accomplished 1,000 cumulative downloads in last July, after three months of its release. Its monthly active users also increased steadily over 40%.

See “Vital Hint Korea Released the iOS Version of “Haemuk Namnyu”, a Recipe Sharing App

#6 Typhone


Typhone, operated by Voiceloco is a mVoIP (mobile Voice over IP) service that uses mobile telecommunication networks. Typhone has significantly enhanced connectivity, user-friendliness and mobile security compared to existing mobile calling service apps. Users can download the Typhone app on Google Play and they can conveniently call other users without any restraints as long as any kind of a wireless network such as 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi network is available. Typhone can be synced up to five of a user’s other portable devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs, with a single account. The service fee is free under the Wi-Fi network.

See “Voiceloco rolls out a free mobile calling app ‘Typhone’ on Android

#5 Digital Zone

Digital Zone

On Nov. 3, TFK featured Digital Zone for launching the first ‘Non-ActiveX’ online medical certification service in Korea through MedCerti, a specialized portal for medical certifications. Note that this is not a mobile app, but it signified another important breakthrough in the Korean internet trend. With recent news from major web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that they would drop support for nonstandard technology, government-sponsored campaign to move away from ActiveX has hit its stride in Korea. Responding to this need, Digital Zone focused on building a technology to eliminate ActiveX. With Digital Zone’s MedCerti, clients of hospitals such as Kyung Hee University Medical Center and Ehwa Womans University Medical Center, can easily issue various medical certifications online regardless of the type of OS or browser, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, that they are using.

See “Digital Zone Launches First Non-ActiveX Online Medical Certification Service in Korea

#4 Codibook


Codibook is a fashion commerce app that allows users to shop for clothes tailored to their fashion tastes. It provides services where users can match clothes with online shopping site products. The app has become Korea’s no.1 fashion coordination service by achieving nearly one million downloads on its Android app, and by surpassing 800,000 coordination content uploads by its users. On Nov. 13, the iOS version of Codibook was rolled out.

See “Shop your Style through ‘Codibook’, Available Now on App Store

#2 V


V is an app that lets you watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebrities on your mobile phone. You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others. On Nov. 8, V announced that it would attract Vietnamese celebrities and beauty gurus to have them appear on this newly created channel called Xin Chao V (“Hello V” in Vietnamese), expanding the existing star-studded app across the world and diversifying its content.

See “Naver’s V app now invites all Vietnamese superstars

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