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JIENEM, a platform that provides lodge-booking services for travelers, is about to launch its commercial operation. Unlike traditional lodge reservation systems that focus on growing popular hotel and motel listings, JIENEM gives a wider range of accommodation options such as a guest house, cottage and glamping(a new colloquialism for the word combination of “glamorous” and “camping”). This empowers users to take advantage of enjoying a distinct, fun lodging facility.

JIENEM has focused on meeting the growing need for those domestic travelers in their 20s and 30s who enjoy backpacking alone. Lee Junho, the CEO of JIENEM, stated “There are a lot of apps for booking hotel rooms, but younger tourists still aren’t well-informed about various unique lodging options such as a guest house. We plan on giving travelers more options by accommodating more guest houses throughout the country in the coming year.”

“Today, more tourists are looking for places where they can make special, lasting memories, and our platform’s ability to introduce many suitable choices will put a smile on every user’s face.” said Junho. JIENEM first released its beta version back in August and has continued to refine its capabilities based on customer’s feedback since then. After many iterations of improving user interface as well as the ease of hosting, it launched its official platform on November 30th. It also plans to roll out the android app on December 30th.

So far, JIENEM has registered up to 370 properties across 14 regions, accommodating approximately 3,000 rooms, and the company plans to increase its footprint over 34 regions that are equivalent to adding another 600 lodging places through contracts. The start-up, founded by two NorthWestern graduates, Lee Junho(CEO) and Hong Dongwoo(COO), was born out of Gookmin University’s entrepreneurship group’s idea that got selected as a part of government-sponsored accelerated program. The company has a history of landing investments from AI, Angel Investment and OnChina, the Chinese Marketing company.

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