Achieve Your Goals through ‘Hue-Dream’, an Online Bucket List Sharing Service

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Cloud-based social services developer Quantum Wave announced its launch of ‘Hue-Dream’, a crowd bucket list service, on the 11th. Hue Dream is the South Korea’s first Crowd Bucket List service model that allows users to share their goals and specific know-hows in achieving them.

Hue-Dream provides a platform where people can write down ideas about their dreams and set specific goals to manage them. Users can also easily share their know-hows and access other people’s strategies who have achieved similar goals.

Up until now, bucket lists were in off-line forms such as personal diaries, or other online platforms via blogs and SNS. Due to the lack of a specific platform, tracking the progress has not been too convenient.

“Hue-Dream will help those who could not stick to their goals for a long time. In addition, other bucket list ideas and success stories available on the website will further incentivize people to design their dreams,” said Yoon-Jung Cho, Hue-Dream’s Director of Strategy.

Having a bucket list can help the students to realize their dreams, give hope to the younger generation with dismal connotations such as “youth unemployment” and “N-po generation” (a South Korean terminology that refers to a generation that gives up on a number of (N) things). To older generation, having a bucket list will help invigorate those weary of uncertain futures and navigate them through the ways of “well-being and well-dying”, as suggested by the movie The Bucket List, where two old men embark on a new journey in finding new hopes in their lives.

Hue-Dream’s platform aims to provide incentives as well as a space to escape from mundane routines, allowing people of all ages to gather in one space.

Currently, Hue-Dream is in the process of developing mobile apps that would help users in realizing their dreams, whether directly or indirectly.
Hue-Dream is a subsidiary service of Hue-Memo, a total life care service platform. Hue-Memo platform currently also offers Hue Thoughts for inspirational quotes, as well as Hue-LNT (LeaveNoTrace), an online reputation service.

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