Evain releases phone call etiquette app “Ceendy”


Evain, popular for its prank call blocking app “Moyayibunho (direct translation: whose number is this)”, officially launched its phone call app “Ceendy“.


Ceendy is an app that allows users to send a phone call request message and an emoji  when users make phone calls. For example, when the person they are trying to reach isn’t picking up the phone call, users can request the person to pick up by telling them their purpose and urgency.


Ceendy also supports automatic response message mode called “Nababba (direct transition: I am busy)”. If users are unable to pick up any phone call, they can put their phones in “Nababba” mode and their receiving phone calls will be automatically set as silent. Silenced calls will be followed by an automatic response message immediately, which helps the users to focus on their tasks.


Youngjoon Yoon, the CEO of Evain said that the company created “Moyayibunho” to help users with phone calls from unknown number and “Ceendy” to enable users to deliver the purpose of their phone call in advance. He also mentioned  that Evain will work to create a safe and fun communication cultures for everyone.


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