Ask pickup and delivery of laundry anytime with RE:WHITE


RE:WHITE is an Online to Offline (O2O) mediation service that enables people to request washing services and get their laundry back when they prefer. Customers use RE:WHITE mobile app to ask for laundry pickup and delivery. The service is deemed as a successful win-win business model with previous laundry shops; RE:WHITE has been strategically helping laundry shops with mobile business integration, marketing, and customer management.
Last November, RE:WHITE initiated its Beta-open targeting locations, such as Gangnam, Mapo, and Gimpo, and officially started its business at December expanding its target to Songpa, Yongsan, Yongin, Boondang, Goyang. By word of mouth, RE:WHITE is continuously getting more partnership requests. Hyeon woo Kim, CEO of RE:WHITE, announced that the service is growing faster than expected and that RE:WHITE will expand its service across the entire metropolitan area of Korea by year 2016.

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