No longer a hassle – On-demand laundry service with CleanBasket


Clean Basket, a laundry collection and delivery service app run by WashAppKorea, raised $0.8M from early-stage VC firms, namely born-angles venture partners and capstone partners.

Launched back in September 2014, WashApp Korea’s Clean Basket is a growing start-up that provides a full-cycle laundry service, from collecting one’s laundry to delivering to his or her doorstep. The company carefully selects and works only with reputable, compliant laundromats, and they would wash anything from blankets and curtains to more delicate goods like shoes and bags. In order to minimize wrinkling of clothes, WashApp Korea delivers clothes via cars instead of motorcycles.

Most notably, the app provides a 24-hour on-demand service where users would receive their laundry at their preferred time. The service is currently available in Gangnam, Seocho, GwanAk, DongJak, Mapo, Yongsan, Seongdong and is planning to expand to major cities around the nation.

This investment was Born Angel’s very first investment since the inception of Born Angels Facemaker fund 2. Born Angles and Capstone invested $0.5m and $0.3m respectively, and they are looking to help the company in many aspects, especially with marketing and legal issues.

Kim Woojin, the head of WashApp Korea, stated “With this investment, we would be able to meet our customer’s largest need, which is broader service expansion. We will also try our best to leverage our seasoned investors’ know-hows to grow rapidly.” Park Eunwoo, a personnel from Born Angels, said “Clean Basket is a visionary mobile on-demand service that will revolutionize the rather stagnant laundry industry.”

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