Acquaintance-based love confession app ‘Sullim” hits 1.3 M downloads


On Dec. 22, mobile service startup company Sogaeyo announced that its acquaintance based love-confession app “Sullim” has hit 1.3 million cumulative downloads. To celebrate the feat, “Noonnarinun sup” (direct translation: snowing forest) was newly added where users who have crush on currently can communicate with each other.


“Sullim” is a mobile social network app using phone numbers and user locations to allow users to confess their love to someone who they have crush on. Users can invite  their crush using the app. Within 30 meters, users can also scan how many people have interest on them.


Currently “Sullim” has  approximately 1.3 million cumulative downloads and is currently ranked #1 for social category in App Store and # 5in Google Play. Last month, the app achieved additional 300,000 downloads, showing a clear rising trend.


Sogayo updated “Snowy Forest”, where users can talk about their interests with other users, in order to adapt to its rapidly-increasing user rate. Allowing users to post or freely comment to others’ posts anonymously is the distinct feature of Snowy Forest.


Jinman Hong, the CEO of Sogayo, said using the location-based service, the app can arouse sympathy of the sensitive young generation who likes to deliver their hearts to their crushes. He further mentioned that the company will improve the app’s features where users can also share their stories before and after the relationship and other stories.


In the meantime, Sullim is planning to add couple updates starting from the Snowy Forest. New updates include sharing stories based on user acquaintance and location, and matching couples if two people have crush on each other,etc.


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