Manna CA launches fresh farm produce subscription service “Manna Box”


Premium food venture company Manna CA (CEO : Aron Park and Taebyung Jeon) announced on Jan. 4, that they will start Manna Box service, a weekly subscription service for fresh vegetables directly harvested from its environmentally-friendly farms.


Using farm automation technique combined with aquaponics and ICT (information and communications technology), Manna CA self-produces organic crops from its environment-friendly farms.  Manna Box will allow customers to easily and conveniently consume Manna CA’s fresh, self-produced crops regardless of their location.


Manna Box offers two options for its customers; ‘Family Box’ for a family of four and ‘Single Box’ for a single person household. Once a customer makes a purchase, he/she doesn’t need a separate order process. Manna CA also offers more than 40 different crops including herb products that are difficult to find in Korea, such as kale, basil and lucciola. The box will include the freshest vegetable of the week and practical recipes of the product. Since all crops will be sent with its roots, as alive as possible, they have relatively long storage period. Customers will be able to enjoy fresh produces all week long. This service is especially targeted to people who set weight loss as a new year resolution. WIthout having to search for safe fresh vegetable every week, one can purchase organic produce up to 20% cheaper than the market price.


Taebyung Jeon, the co-CEO of the company said it is the company’s pleasure to allow customers across the country to enjoy fresh, safely produced vegetables in the most convenient way possible. He also announced that through  this service, the company is looking forward to deliver the value of true ‘farm-to-table’ to customers.


Furthermore, Manna CA has received investment from Kakao’s investment subsidiary, K Venture group for its ICT based high tech agriculture business growth in last October.


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