Yello Mobile Launches ZARI, an Accommodation Management Platform

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On Dec. 22, Korea-based mobile media company Yello Mobile Inc. debuted ZARI, a comprehensive accommodation reservation and client management platform.

A subsidiary of Yello Travel Apps, ZARI started its beta services since February, allowing for more systematic operations by providing reservations and client management services. Currently, ZARI supports all types of accommodations with the exception of large hotels, including guest houses, hostels, resort pensions, and budget hotels.

Until now, the shortage of a tailored management platform for small-and-medium lodging industry called for the use of costly programs for hotels – ZARI eliminates high initial cost by providing services free of charge. Further, by establishing partnerships with prominent overseas travel agencies such as Agoda, Expedia, and, ZARI developed ‘Channel Manager’ feature that would provide real-time synchronization function between ZARI and the travel agencies.

ZARI’s Channel Manager feature automatically updates newly published reservation information that reflects on real-time status, thereby reducing hassles not only for accommodation providers but also for the entire reservation management system.

“A platform based on actual lodging services insiders, ZARI provides free services for reservation management, search feature, as well as revenue reports. We hope that small-and-medium accommodation providers can achieve higher goals through ZARI,” said Ji-Ho Kim, representative of ZARI.

ZARI is now incorporated into Yello Travel’s newly established corporate body – Yellow Travel Apps, and has been demonstrating steep growth curve by achieving a turnover of $1M (1.2B KRW) from February 1 to December 1.

More information regarding ZARI can be found on its website.
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