Paradigm shift of eating to intake: INTAKEfoods


INTAKEfoods, a Korean food venture company, announced that they will soon launch an upgraded version of Meals, Korea’s first future meal replacement product, through crowdfunding. ‘Meals’ is INTAKSEfood’s long term project that aims to develop a healthy future meal where  people will gain an easy access to complete nutrition and energy.The project started with the launch of ‘Morning Porridge’ in 2013 as a solution to healthy yet  simple breakfast.

Based on ‘Soylent’, a future meal company that has been gaining  popularity in Silicon Valley, INTAKEfoods launched a product called ‘Meals Original 1.0’ last September and upgraded its product to ‘Meals Original 2.0’ within three months by actively accepting feedbacks from its customers.

Unlike previous meal replacements, such as convenient store food or grain based ‘sunsik’, ‘Meals Original 2.0’ is designed to provide essential nutrition and energy of a complete meal. It lets you feel full for five hours and has an affordable price of $2 a package.

The largest difference  from Silicon Valley’s ‘Soylent’ is that ‘Meals Original’’s products are based on 46 different types of natural ingredients (grain, vegetable, fruit, nut, seeds) that it fits Koreans’ tastes . INTAKEfood CEO Han said “Our brand tries to innovate the original food culture with various future meals in order to meet the new needs of customers following a change in lifestyle. Through free trials as well as through successful funding, we will work hard to provide the value of future meals, an international trend, to Korean customers.”
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