When Your Home Is Too Tiny to Live In


Is your home overflowing with extra stuff, that you need to play tetris with them? Is your office building vacant but nobody comes in for a contract? ZIMZOM, the O2O service that connects social excess space to individual’s need of storage area just launched in Seoul. It aims to fill the existing vacant spaces in office buildings that are not being used with excess loads households have.

Improving upon existing storage service systems such as domestic and self storage systems, ZIMZOM offers better accessibility to the storage area; a vacant office unit, which is located literally in the heart of the city. The office units are above the ground level, which means your stuff will be safe from moisture, water leakage, molds, and pest. Also, the company collaborates with KB Property Insurance to cover any damage to the stored items, through ‘individual box insurance’.

ZIMZOM also reflects on the needs of contemporary lifestyle, offering a Valet Storage service, which you can schedule a pickup, delivery and everything else you need online through PC or mobile.

The company further looks forward to partnering with other businesses, and expanding its service area.

– Inspired by Platum

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