‘UDIS’, a popular UX Study Group on Facebook, hosts ‘UX One Meal’(Bob Han Ggi), a knowledge-sharing Seminar


‘UX one meal’ seminar, organized by Facebook-based study group, UDIS, will be held at D-Camp in Yeoksam district at 3pm on Feb, 13th.

UDIS is a popular social knowledge group where members of the community freely exchange or share information such as strategy, research, interactive design, prototyping, data analysis and IT trends as they relate to user experience(UX). This facebook group has been very active since 2013 as it serves as a social hub where people are encouraged to meet both online and offline for knowledge-sharing activities.

Following the success of its first seminar back in 2015, UDIS has decided to continue the legacy with its newly created seminar called ‘UX one meal’ in hopes of taking away even deeper, more valuable knowledge of UX.

This seminar will be comprised of five disparate sessions, including “UX disciplines applied at ‘open closet’, the exemplary, leading service of the sharing economy”, “The importance of good UX design and its application (ebay UX manager, JinDuk Jang)”, “Debunking Myths of E-commerce UX (Hanwha Galleria, Minho Um)”, “Growth Hacking(former CTO at On-off mix, ByunggukYoon)” and “Design thinking and Hardware prototyping (SK Planet, SungHwan Bae).”

You may click the event page here to find more information about the event.

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