Genoplan, personal gene information providing company, attracts $500K investment


Genoplan, company that provides personal genetic information service, recently announced that it  attracted $500 K investment from global investment companies. Within 15 months since the founding of the company, Genoplan’s cumulative investment amount exceeded $550 K.

Companies such as, Softbank Ventures Korea, Samsung Ventures, and Wonik, invested in Genoplan. Softbank Ventures Korea’s investment is especially meaningful since this is the first time where the company invested in the genetic information service sector. Yoon Jeong Jang, director responsible for Softbank Venture’s investment, said “Genetic analysis services, such as integrating personal health data with genetic information, is an industry that anticipates fast growth”, she added that “because the Asian market still lacks companies such as Genoplan that connects genetic analysis with life, Genoplan has the potential to become one of the leading companies in this field”.

Genoplan’s president Byung Gue Kang showed enthusiasm that “the huge investment Genoplan attracted will be used to make Genoplan as the greatest personal genetic analysis companay in Asia and to develop cutting-edge and diversified technology that will be used to launch digestive system and skin care services.”

Founded in 2014, Geneplan allows users to check via mobile app and website more than 35 directions for weight control based on personal genes obtained from saliva. Genoplan was a pleasant surprise to the mainstream genetic analysis market, focused on disease, illness solutions, because the company applied genetic testing for better wellness and beauty.

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