Flybook launches B:PLUS + , a book recommendation service

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Flybook (CEO: Kim Junhyun) launched a book recommendation service “B:PLUS+”.

B:PLUS+ is a service that analyzes customer’s preference and mood, recommends the needed books and delivers them to the customers’ desired location.

Compared to Flybook, an online book recommendation service, B:PLUS+ can be regarded as a premium membership service. Flybook launched its premium membership service based on its database and the book recommendation service know-hows learned from several years of operating the service.

Joon-hyun Kim, the CEO of Flybook, revealed the story behind developing the service when he said, “I  learned that it is very difficult to find a book that suits my needs, not just a best seller. We thought if people can get personalized book recommendations, they will be interested in reading books”.

In the meantime, Flybook has hosted the initial investment from the startup accelerator Primer.

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