Is there a word you don’t know? Take a photo of it, compile it as a vocab list


Bapul, the developer of the study question app ‘Baro Pulgi’, launched a new app called ‘Baro Danuhjang’(Google play, app store), which compiles a vocabulary list from an uploaded photo. When the user comes across an English word they do not know, user can take a photo of the word and upload it to the ‘Baro Danujang’. The application will then automatically recognize the word, provide definition, and add it into a vocabulary list. With this list, the user can create flash-cards and study them anywhere.

The app’s vocabulary list includes features of hiding the meaning of the words so users can memorize them  more efficiently, and can separate words that are memorized from those that need more memorization. The app even randomly prompts you with words that you haven’t yet memorized. Min Hee Lee, the CEO of Bapul, recommended this app to “students who want to study English vocabulary efficiently with a mobile list which only has words that the students don’t know instead of having to carry thick notebooks”.

Bapul is known for developing ‘Baro Pulgi’ app, which is ranked number one in Korean education mobile sector. It is planning to expand its business by making a 1:1 tutoring application called ‘Bapul Gongbubang’.

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