Global talk app “Festar” launches its beta version in 13 countries


Realtime talk app “Festar” launched its beta version on Jan. 21st. Fester is an app that matches users with their favorite genres and allows users who share similar values to chat for 10 minutes.

“Festar” is a talk app where people who share similar values can enjoy 10-minute-talk in real time. Once a user selects his/her favorite genre (value), the user will randomly get matched with another user who has indicated a similar value or favorite genre. The app allows users to get matched with a variety of users.

According to the app’s developers, when “Festar” was previously released in Japan, 53% of monthly active users and 75% of registered users had their 10-minute-talk. Among them, 29% of the users continued their conversation using “Talk between the two”.

Tomochika Kamiya, the CEO of the developer AI PACIFIC said, “There was  a lot of online services that allows users to choose whom they will have conversation with based on the person’s appearance or qualification. We released the app so users can have easier conversation coming from shared values, which is important in real life, and natural opportunities to offline interactions . We wanted users from Korea and other countries to experience this opportunity. We hope to see increasing cross-border connections by Festar moving forward.”

AI PACIFIC Inc is aiming to have one million global users and 90% of matching in 2016, setting a goal to be the most renowned real-time talk app in the world.

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