Luke Korea releases medical information managing app “Golden Care”

Luke Korea (C.E.O Seungsu Kim) announced the release of medical and healthcare information managing mobile service application “Golden Care”.

Golden care is an app that allows users to check the user and their family’s medical take details from their smartphone. Additionally, one can record one’s medical documents such as prescription and medical products information by taking pictures of the barcode.

Furthermore, when a user records his daily lifestyle such as mood, sleep, drinking and diet, the user can check his lifestyle analysis and his health condition from the app’s big data analytic technique. The user can also record his child’s weight, height and head circumference, see the growth of his child and check the date for next vaccination. Besides, the user can subscribe to various healthcare and medical information service, such as getting information of the medical product he is currently taking or is interested, immediately after uploading a picture of it.

Luke Korea is planning to constantly update the app such as insurance claim. Currently, Golden Care can be downloaded from Google Play. The iOS version will be available in the course of this month.

Healthcare IT platform professional company Luke Korea is improving consistently. It has been selected as GyungGi Center nursery company in last March, and has been chosen as the start-up custom-tailored support program by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

C.E.O Kim said “Golden Care was created after trying to graft the high-tech information and communications technology onto healthcare. From now on, we will work on consumers’ easier and more convenient experience with medical service. Moreover, we will try to create a better medical ecological system”.

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