Working to improve drug discovery process, Standigm attracts 300 million won from investors


On February 4th, Standigm, an artificial intelligence and systems biology-based startup, announced that it attracted approximately $ 0.25 M (300 million won) worth of investment from K Cube Ventures (CEO Seng Woon Yoo). Aside from K Cube Ventures’ investment, Standigm has earned support from Tech Incubator Program For Startup (TIPS) and Ministry of Science supported K-Global market friendly SW R&D, securing a total capital of $1.1 million.

Standigm is a startup that works to improve pharmaceutic development processes by  integrating artificial intelligence with  systems biology technology. Traditional pharmaceutical development process requires over $800 million of capital on average and often takes more than ten years to commercialize. Standigm’s goal is to innovatively expedite the drug discovery process and contribute to human health.

Standigm team consists of three experts in systems biology and artificial intelligence. CEO Jin Han Kim has worked on artificial intelligence and machine learning research extensively. Directors Sang Ok Song and So Jeong Yoon have focused on biochemical engineering and systems biology/bioinformatics research in their careers. The team worked together at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology on projects developing bio response simulators applying systems biology and deep learning knowledge.

Currently, Standigm is developing a computer modeling technology that will learn vast amounts of medical and biological information and predict the action mechanism of pharmaceutics in advance. Such a technology can improve the pharmaceutical development process by tailoring the application of previous know-hows, come up with possible combinations of pharmaceuticals, and optimizethe selection of candidates and participants for clinical trials. In the future, Standigm plans to commercialize its technology and collaborate with pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Furthermore, it plans to continually acquire new talents to automatize and expand its predicting platform and come up with an accurate guideline for expansion.

Jin Han Kim said he wants to “use innovative technology to create a new paradigm that fixes the inconvenience traditional pharmaceutical development faces and improve health of mankind.” Kim Ki Jun from K Cube Ventures, who has actively promoted the investment, said “Standigm’s team members have the experience and ability on fields of systems biology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the pharmaceutical development process”. He added that “I look forward to a ground breaking technology that could open new doors in this industry”.

Standigm is currently participating in the ‘Dream Challenge’ hosted by one of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca. Under the theme ‘combination of pharmaceutics and predicting the effect’, 71 teams from all over the world are participating, and Standigm has ranked first in the second round of the competition.

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