Social Network Meets Business – Introducing ‘CRONEE’


The popularization of social network service has allowed people to communicate through various streams of online platforms; yet, it is still challenging to connect with people on a professional level through social media.

To this end, a service that optimizes business communication by leveraging the benefits of social network service and sharing economy has launched. On February 1, Condiver Inc. (CEO Jae-Bum Park) announced the debut of CRONEE, a customized smart business networking service.

CRONEE is a business networking platform that capitalizes the benefits offered by Social Network Service such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and sharing economy such as Airbnb and Uber. CRONEE is available in all devices that can be connected to Internet.

Like the Social Network Service, CRONEE users can inform their purpose of networking by notifying other users, and can customize their communication using their personal network, similar to the platform of sharing economy. Compensation feature is also available to those who share or recommend their network with others.

While explaining the service, Condiver Korea Inc.’s CEO Jae-Bum Park said, “We developed CRONEE in order to provide an effective communication tool for businessmen around the world. We hope that CRONEE will increase international cooperation on a company or even to a country-level by providing further opportunities and values. Before we officially launched this service, a lot of organizations including from the UK and China have already requested for partnerships. We are either in the process or have completed the contract with some organizations already.”

Cathy is a staff writer with Tech For Korea where she writes about interesting startups in Korea. She worked for a startup company Buttercups over the summer in Bangalore, India. She is also a student in Carnegie Mellon University. Cathy can be reached at


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