‘Dot,’ the World’s First Braille Smartwatch


SK Telecom announced to showcase the world’s first braille smartwatch by ‘Dot’ at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain from February 22nd to 26th. Through its startup promotion program ‘Bravo! Restart,’ SK Telecom supported ‘Dot’ to finish the product by providing strategy consulting, development fund, and office space for an year. At the MWC this year, SK Telecom will introduce ‘Dot’ as a principal ‘creative economy’ company and fully support the showcase of the product. Although Dot’s concept of a braille smartwatch has already been introduced through both domestic and international press, this will be the first time to actually show the finished product.

Dot’s braille smartwatch with 30 small built-in pins is the world’s first wearable device for visually impaired people. This device displays the texts such as smartphone messages and SNS postings in braille with the built-in pins.

The traditional TTS (Text-to-Speech) service often used by the visually impaired people causes privacy problems in public areas, since it converts texts into audios. However, the braille smartwatch is innovative in that it allows only the users wearing the device to check the message with their fingers.

At MWC 2016, SK Telecom will also provide exhibition space to three companies(Wisejet, Visual Camp, and Haeden Bridge) other than ‘Dot,’ helping them enter the international market. In addition to the full sponsorship of the event expenses, SK Telecom will also provide conference spaces to facilitate meetings with international companies in order to produce tangible results.

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Cathy is a staff writer with Tech For Korea where she writes about interesting startups in Korea. She worked for a startup company Buttercups over the summer in Bangalore, India. She is also a student in Carnegie Mellon University. Cathy can be reached at hwaeunsh@techforkorea.com.


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