TouchWorks scores a patent for its core ‘touching’ technology in the U.S


TouchWorks Inc, (C.E.O SeungHun Kang) announced that it has received a U.S patent for its advanced technology around apparatus and method for generating unique ID of RF-enabled card. The technology, which uses the data generated during the course of wireless communications between RF card/smart phone(NFC) and a Reader, generates unique identification information and leverages the company’s proprietary algorithm. With this solid, foundational piece of work, TouchWorks is running a membership service “Touching”, allowing customers to simply scan their transit card or smartphone against any reader at a store, thereby empowering users to easily redeem points and coupons.

This patented technology is becoming extremely popular among customers due to its convenience, and there are now over 2.6 million active users across 3,000 stores and 160 franchise brands nationwide.

SeungHun Kang, the CEO of TouchWorks, stated, “Our core technology is patent-pending in China, Japan and Hong Kong, and we plan to increase our global footprint by giving customers highly differentiated customer experience.”

Hitherto, TouchWorks has a record of winning many awards, including <App of the Year in 2015> and <2016 Korea Good App Evaluation>.

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