The Ultimate Student Cafeteria App ‘Bab Dae Sang’




Team Bab announced their launch of University Cafeteria App called ‘Bab Dae Sang’ on Google Play store and Apple App store.

Bab Dae Sang is an application that provides the menu of student cafeterias of every university in Korea. The main functionalities include student cafeterias’ open hours, menu information, faculty cafeteria and dorm cafeteria information, weekly cafeteria information update, reviews and ratings of cafeterias, alerts on meal time, and bookmarks for cafeterias often visited. Bab Dae Sang allows undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to simply use their phones to check the menus without having to visit each cafeteria in person.

Bab Dae Sang started in 2013 at KAIST and became popular among KAIST students. Afterwards more than hundred other schools asked for the service, which led  the expansion of the service. Currently, Bab Dae Sang provides student cafeteria information of over hundred universities in Korea.

CEO Jun Yeong Lee said Team Bab will “expand its service to more universities” and hopes Bab Dae Sang becomes an “University student essential app.” In addition, Bab Dae Sang is in their beta service in linking the service with Facebook so users can communicate with their friends.

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