CRONEE: Social Network meets Business


With the popularization of Social Network that is becoming more commoditized in recent days, people communicate and interact with one another via the internet without feeling unnatural. However, it still is a challenge today when one has to communicate with others in a professional setting through social network. As such, CRONEE, the service capitalizing on benefits offered by Social Network and sharing economy collectively, was launched to overcome the barrier to communications for business minds.

On Febuary 1st, Condiver(C.E.O: Jaebum Park) announced the debut of a smart business networking service,”CRONEE” that aims to arm business users with a special, effective networking tool that meets their purpose of networking.

CRONEE is a professional networking platform that leverages the strengths of some of today’s most successful social network and sharing economy applications such as Facebook, Linkedin, Airbnb and Uber. The service is available for use on any device connected to the internet.

Users, while on the platform, can inform other users of their networking objectives and use their professional network to tailor communications. Furthermore, those who initially connected or recommended others through their contacts can receive an adequate compensation once completed .

When explaining the service, Jaebum Park said, “CRONEE was developed to provide businessmen around the world with an effective communication channel, which intends to promote cooperation between countries and provide many other value-added opportunities. Even before the official launch, CRONEE received a number of partnership inquiries from multiple companies and industry associations in China and U.K that recognize the value of the service, and signing a contract is well under way.”

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