Google Campus Seoul Releases 2015 Annual Report

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Google Campus Seoul (Campus Seoul hereafter) published “Campus Seoul 2015 Annual Report” in welcoming its 9th month of inauguration. A physical space created by Google, Campus Seoul provides various support for entrepreneurs to grow a company from the ground up. Currently, Campus Seoul provides mentorship and training programs spearheaded by local startup community, experienced entrepreneurs, and Google’s internal teams. Google Campus is a global network organization not only in Seoul, but also in London, Tel Aviv, Madrid (coming soon), São Paulo (coming soon), and in Warsaw (coming soon).

As stated in the Annual Report, Campus Seoul received attention since the beginning by having more than 10,000 members sign up within 6 months of its launch. Members come from 73 different countries, among which 29% are women.

According to the survey asking for main reasons for the members’ visit to the campus,, 49% said “Events and Programs”. In 2015 only, Campus Seoul organized 79 events that had more than 6,500 visiting entrepreneurs. Furthermore, programs such as ‘Campus for Moms’ for parents passionate about startups, global startup exchange program such as ‘campus exchange’, as well as startup education and mentoring programs such as ‘Learn@Campus,’ and ‘Mentoring@Campus’, all received attention from the Google Campus members.

In addition to the numerous programs it provides, Campus Seoul is also well-reputed for making good use of its space. Besides the area exclusively for businesses affiliated with MARU 180, there are also spaces such as Event Hall for events, Device Labs for developers to test their apps, campus café, tables, conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

Campus Seoul stated that it will continue to serve as a playground for the aspiring entrepreneurs that exuberates vibrancy, growth, and passion.

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