From Theory to Real-Life Application: Introducing Educational Drone Kit, ‘Dronics’


From rescuing lives to taking aerial photographs to actively assisting military affairs, drones have been used in a myriad of industries for various uses. The increasing popularity of drones has contributed to the rise of ‘Dronics’, a drone educational kit that is designed to teach everything about drones from theory to real-life application. JNC Community, the creator behind ‘Dronics’, showcased the product through Tumblbug, an online Korean crowdfunding site.

‘Dronics’ is an educational kit that allows the user to get a first-hand experience on the principles of drones as well as its manufacturing process. The kit consists of 9 different parts, including: a 3D printed drone body, a drone receiver, a drone transmitter, three types of body skins, drone assembling parts, a battery, CW/CCW drone wings, a charger set, and a workbook.

According to JNC Community, Dronics’ drone possesses various capabilities – such as home return feature, 4-axis motor, and 6-axis gyro sensor – all of which ensure the safety and the accuracy of the flight.

“Dronics can be used in a wide array of purposes from children’s educational toy to elementary school and middle school extracurricular activities. It is also even safe to say to open a drone-making class by leveraging the use of 3D printer with our educational kit,” said Sa-Woong Chu, CEO of J&C Community.

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