Offline to Online…Reverse O2O Service ‘SENDIT”




Uber, AirBnB, Baedal Minjok, Zigbanb, Kakao Taxi… — The list of Online-to-Offline (“O2O”) services can go on and on. O2O is a type of service that utilizes smartphones and PCs to link offline businesses with customers.

Contrary to such services, reverse O2O service emerged, linking customers from offline to online. Launched in last January, SENDIT provides reverse O2O service.

SENDIT displays phone numbers on offline advertisements, driving the users to call the number in order to receive further information, such as related web pages or app installation link, via text. Unlike traditional QR codes, SENDIT lets the users to easily access either mobile webpage or application by calling the number displayed on TV advertisements or buses in motion.

SENDIT not only acts as a catalyzer to draw customers from offline advertisements, but also allows big data analysis by advertising media.

Currently, SENDIT offers its service to Neowiz Games and Callbus and plans to extend its offline advertisement network by cooperating with other offline businesses, such as the indoor zoo, Zoolung Zoolung.

Im-Soo Jung, CEO of Dream Youngs, said, “Offline is where we actually live, but the inefficiency of offline advertisements hasn’t improved much in the last 10 years. We hope to connect more offline advertisements with online platforms through SENDIT.”


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