Nomadstar launches a memorial service app “LAYFL”


With more than 6.4 million elderlies over the age of 65, a growing number of people are showing interest to life after death and arebecoming more aware of ‘well-dying.’ The funeral industry is increasing by 7% every year. The systemized funeral procedure is becoming quicker and simpler. Amid these changes, it is sad that there isn’t enough time to cherish the memory of the deceased besides visiting their charnel house.

A mobile start-up company “Nomadstar” announced that it officially released “LAYFL”, a free mobile app where users can cherish and share the memory of the deceased together.

“LAYFL”, a combination of the word “Lay” and “Flower”, means laying flowers on the deceased’s grave. Users can register a personalized mobile memorial stone for the dead and check out others’ memorial stone and cherish the memory with them. Users can lay a flower a day to express comfort to the deceased and can share their memories with a photo album or a journal. The best part of the app is that they offer condolence call return service where users can thank the condolers.

To launch LAYFL, Nomadstar used their know-hows from running ‘the hall of cherishing’ for two years. Nomadstar described LAYFL as an app focusing on keeping the tie between users and the deceased by offering a place where users can meet others to mourn and communicate together.

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