Use ‘Tortoise’ to Earn Money by Walking…Literally


We all know the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” and its moral, “slow and steady wins the race”. Kreators, Inc, a startup co-founded by three Korean MBA students at Columbia University, applied this moral to their business.

The mobile app, named ‘Tortoise’, allows the users to save money daily by engaging in health-related activities such as doing exercises and keeping healthy eating habits. Having recently launched its beta version, ‘Tortoise’ lets the user set the walking steps and the saving amount per day, which in turn goes into their personal Tortoise account.

By using an exclusive algorithm that changes the interest rate based on the amount of exercises done per day, ‘Tortoise’ allows its users to earn higher interest rates than those offered by the normal commercial banks. This creates an incentive for the user to enjoy exercising and saving money at the same time.

Moreover, the ‘Activity’ feature allows the user to save money through their routine activities. For example, if the user resists purchasing cigarettes, they can simply press the cigarette icon; if they choose to walk instead of using a taxi, they can press the taxi icon. What this does is that it automatically saves the average amount of money that they spends on each activity. It also records the number of times the user has decided not to drink alcohol and/or soda. Lastly, the app encourages competition by adding their friends through real-time monitoring feature.

Tortoise will be available in iOS and Android version, and can be used alongside with Fitbit, Samsung Gear fit, Xiaomi Mi band and other wearable devices.

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