Citymapper releases an app for Seoul, Korea


Citymapper Limited is officially launching a public transportation and navigation app for Seoul, which has  already been successfully working in other 30 metropolises around the world.

Citymapper is an app that combines information of every public transportation and shows the fastest real-time route using its open data and self-developed algorithm. Moreover, to help users to have a better public transportation experience, the application supports various unique features such as navigation, sharing users’ location and an automatic notification for user’s commute.

Citymapper is implementing the navigation concept of automobile to public transportation by tracking the user’s current location to provide necessary realtime information such as an available station’s location, an estimated wait time and get off notification. The app supports Apple Watch, Android Wear and other smart watches so that users navigate their ways without having to take out their phones in the crowd.

Moreover, users can easily share their current location and arrival time with their friends using Kakaotalk and Facebook. The receiver would be able to check the sender’s real time current location and estimated arrival time from the map. Users can use this feature instead of notifying the others that they are “on their way”, or they can give assurance to cared ones late at night to notify them that they are safely on their way back home.

The app also provides the shortest route for each metro station exit. Previous apps only showed the shortest transfer route when transfer was available. Citymapper tells users exactly which spot to board the subway, so that they can take the shortest route to the exit.

The C.E.O of Citymapper, Azmat Yusuf, said the company is very excited to finally launch the app, which is already everyone’s favorite in around the world including London, Hong Kong, and New York. He announced that the company will bring the next level of convenience to Seoul citizens based on its open data and mobile app technique.

Currently, the app supports every public transportation including all 9 lanes of metro, buses, the city bicycle Tarreungi, Namsan Cable car, and Incheon magnetic levitation train. It is planning to expand to other methods of public transportation in other regions moving forward.

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