Artificial Intelligence everywhere – from AlphaGo to Financial Research


Google’s AI beat world Go champion in first of five matches today. The remaining battle between human champion of ‘Go’ and Google’s AI machine “AlphaGo” is on everyone’s radar. Lee Se-dol, 33, one of the world’s top players of the ancient Asian pastime, said at the post-game press conference, “I would like to express my respect to Demis and his team for making such an amazing program like AlphaGo. I am surprised by this result. But I did enjoy the game and am looking forward to the next one.” Regardless of the outcome, AlphaGo is a proven example of the miraculous advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI). By developing a game solution with intricate AI algorithms, Google ultimately intends to adopt AI in our daily life.

Up to this point, researchers have let AlphaGo study over 30 million games of Go and analyze the outcome of each game. As a result, AlphaGo was able to beat other existing artificial Go programs 494 times out of 495. Last year, it also defeated a European Go champion 5-0.

Aside from Google, many global IT firms such as IBM, Microsoft and Facebook are also leveraging Big Data and Deep Learning technologies to improve the technical side of AI.

A good example of where AI is being used today is in the field of Finance and Investment Services. Among them, the ‘Kensho’ program backed by Goldman Sachs uses an AI financial research method, which was featured in the New York Times and has received great attention. Similarly, in Korea, Uberple’s use of SNEK, artificial intelligence financial research platform has also grabbed a lot of attention.

Uberple is a FinTech company that focuses on developing financial technology to help investors make better investment decisions. Through the SNEK platform, investors can search for assets that meet their financial objective in real time via the search engine based on the compilation of massive financial data. Additionally, the platform also lets users to perform more in-depth analysis for each asset. Uberple was founded in 2013 and has pivoted to be a more general white-label solution for app makers. Meanwhile, the company raised $700,000 USD in seed capital from FuturePlay back in 2014.

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