Can you put your sweat into your bank account?


Tortoise, a mobile saving app that helps users to save a small amount of money every day from healthy activities such as working out or eating healthy, launched its beta version.

Tortoise is an app developed by Kreators, INC which is founded by three Korean MBA students at Columbia University. Tortoise lets users to set their daily goal steps and walking distance and daily saving amount. Depending on the user’s daily exercise amount, the user can save money into his Tortoise account.

Tortoise has an algorithm which applies variable interest rates depending on the user’s daily exercise time, an innovative technology which Tortoise is working to get a patent on. The more the user exercises, the higher his interest rate, which will be even higher than most of the banks. Users will have fun working out and saving money at the same time.

In the meantime, using the “Activity” icon, users can save money and manage their health in daily life. When a user suppresses his urge to smoke a cigarette, he can press the cigarette icon. When a user suppresses his urge to take a cab and walk instead, by pressing the taxi icon, he will save the average taxi fare amount. Users can also record how often they resisted the urge to drink alcohol or soda.

Lastly, just like Facebook friends, users can send a friend request to other users and monitor each other’s workout rate in a real-time basis. Just like playing a game, users can compete with or support their friends and family members and raise their workout amount and saving amount at the same time.

Tortoise app is released in both iOS and Android version, and can be connected to other wearable devices such as Fitbit, Samsung Gear Fit, Xiaomi Miband.

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