Get a pet sitter for your pet from your smartphone


“PetStay” is a new service that connects pet owners with pet sitters. GOM eXP (C.E.O : Jungwook Kwak) officially launched its local community-based pet sitter connecting service “PetStay” on March 17th.

With more than 10 million pet owners, and a huge success of pet-variety TV shows such as “Marie and I” and “A guy who feeds his dog”, pet sitting has been trending nowadays where pet owner can have a sitter who cares his pet at his house. GOM eXP’s new service “PetStay” allows pet owners to have their pets taken care by fellow pet owners in their local community instead of having to depend on expensive animal hotels or animal hospitals when they are out of town.

Users can find nearby pet sitters based on their location, can view the sitters pet sitting experience and their pet sitting environment and make a reservation using the app’s messenger feature. One can easily check one’s reservation status, payment information and requirements for pet sitting from the app. The app also supports fixed price system, “pet sitter” education program and “pet sitter” support program so more people can find the service reliable and can find sitters for their pets.

To provide a more trustworthy service to its users, PetStay partnered  with Animal Activist Group and Korean Companion Animal Management Association last December and this January respectively to launch professional pet sitter classes.

C.E.O Kwak said “While the pet industry is growing at a rate of 20% every year, the IT market for pets is still in its infancy. We will try to use our professional IT knowledge as an IT company to provide a credible service to the pet animal industry and bring positive changes into pet awareness in Korea.”

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