Personal Tutoring app Bapul Launches Application Service


Bapul, an Edutech startup (CEO: Minhee Lee) announced its launching of a 1:1 tutoring service on a smartphone application. The app, called Bapulstudy, is a matching service that connects a student directly to a specialist with a proven track record. Through the application, students can ask questions anytime, anywhere, to be answered by their designated tutors. This process facilitates active learning, letting students to solve their questions they were stuck at right away. Bapulstudy’s tutoring service focuses on students’ individual requests rather than existing curricula of study, which makes the service more interactive and effective on performance.

The selected tutor pool proves its specialty by a multi-level verification system document screening, phone interview and test. Distinguished from existing tutoring services, whose teacher pools consist of uncertified college students, Bapul registers proven specialists including former/current teachers in academia, retired school teachers, and students from top universities, whom users can assign as a personal mentor. Bapul also provides a mentorship service that checks in with students’ study plans, and provides education consulting.

Lee, CEO of Bapul, says “My aim was to create a service that changes the market, which had high costs and low effectiveness.” She forecasts the service to be “helpful to the students who are used to the smartphone interface, since Bapulstudy utilizes such interfaces to create an active learning process, through a real-time questioning and answering system.”

Bapul has been running a free online Q&A service where students can upload photos of questions they are stuck at to get answers since 2012. So far (February 2016), it has accumulated more than 2.7 million questions and answers.

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