Slowalk launches email marketing service “Stibee”


On 10th, Slowalk, a creative solution agency, announced its launch of on-demand mobile email marketing service, “Stibee.”

Reflecting on recent increase of needs for email marketing, Stibee provides mobile-optimized template for emails. Its key features include easy-to-use content editor and one of the simplest A/B testing. On its dashboard, where the impact of marketing is visualized, customer reaction is provided in real time, which allows quick improvement on following campaigns .

According to the internal survey, marketing emails are sent 3.25 times per month in average in Korea. Based on this finding, Stibee will provide a “starter pack,” which allows to send 4 emails per month for up to 5,000 subscribers. For companies aiming to maximize the impact with aggressive email marketings, Stibee suggests a “light pack” allowing 8 emails per month, and a “standard pack” allowing unlimited number of emails. The opening promotion allows its users to experience the light pack for free until the end of November.

The representative of Stibee, Sung-do Cho, says ”For the last year, we’ve been improving its function through beta test, and we were able to prove the significance of email marketing. We look forward to making many connecting points between corporations and customers through email marketing, which has the highest ROI among digital marketing channels.”

You could use Stibee here, after signing up to the website.

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