New York FinTech Startup DarcMatter is officially entering the Korean market.


DarcMatter, a global Fintech startup based in Manhattan, announced that it will establish a branch in Seoul and enter the Korean market on Nov 7th. DarcMatter is an alternative investment platform that helps people to easily invest in American hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and etc.

Established in 2014, DarcMatter chose to enter the Korean market due to the Korean society’s interest in technological innovation, a rising demand for using fintech technology among Korean financial services and Korean investors and portfolio managers actively searching for foreign alternative investment opportunities. Korean national organizations such as KIC (Korea Investment Corporation), National Pension Service, Postal Service Headquarter are starting to actively use foreign alternative investment to diversify their investment portfolio. KIC is especially interested in alternative investment as it is planning to shift from mostly focusing on marketable securities to doubling the alternative investment amount for next 10 years.

Sanghwa Lee, the founder and CEO of DarcMatter expressed his excitement about the rising demand for additional funding management using alternative investment in Asia, including Korea. According to Lee, DarcMatter offers an effective service to Asian investors leveraging its accumulated Fintech experience over the years and professionalism. Starting from DarcMatter’s expansion in Korea, DarcMatter plans to offer the best foreign investment opportunities to Asian investors using DarcMatter’s technology and solution.

Expert investors in the U.S and Europe have been already using alternative investment to diversify their portfolio. Alternative investment doesn’t get affected as much by the market situation, therefore has lower risk and better profit system of portfolios. DarcMatter is planning to offer a solution to help Korean investors to seize on foreign investment opportunity, using its accumulated experience gained from the global financial herb New York and financial service and technical expertise.

DarcMatter has more than 800 clients in the US including wealthy individuals, financial analysts and institutional investors. DarcMatter is currently managing over $ 5 Billion of assets and is being used by hedge fund, private equity and venture capital fund managers to meet investors around the world.

DarcMatter is currently seeking partnerships with Korean financial service organizations to successfully enter the Korean market. From there, it will focus on developing a specialized Korean platform that meets the Korean investors’ alternative investment needs

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