MoneyBrain Launches Food Delivery Chatbot “YumYum”


MoneyBrain launched artificial intelligence food delivery chatbot service “YumYum” on November 17th. By simply adding “DeliveryBot YumYum” as a friend on Kakaotalk, Naver Line, and Facebook Messenger, food delivery order can be done via chat.

The order can be placed within 20 seconds with DeliveryBot YumYum. Features like delivery history and last order allow YumYum togo through previous orders and place a quick order based on the last one. This way, the order can be placed even faster, within 10 seconds. Moreover, YumYum even analyzes the location, gender, age, and order history to recommend different menus.

Generally,  ordering food delivery involves multiple steps, including: installation, signups, and address confirmation. However, YumYum service simplifies this process through just a  few messages. Without the app loading time, YumYum can expedite the ordering process more than 6 times faster than the traditional food delivery apps. As the technology continues to improve, the chatbot makes the delivery process even more convenient for modern society, without having to go through a separate app.

In addition to the natural language process, MoneyBrain’s chatbot takes a step further to provide automated answers in a natural way through its unique platform that combines natural language understanding (NLU), dialogue management (DM) and deep learning (DL) system.

Se Young Jang, the CEO of MoneyBrain, said, “DeliveryBot YumYum uses multi-platform technology to support all the different platforms, such as Kakaotalk, Line, and Facebook. It is currently the most sophisticated version of chatbot service in the country.”

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