Naver, with its new mobile enterprise search roll-out


With the recent revamp of its mobile enterprise search function, Naver now collects the results of various user needs and the basic information of companies by type and sector.

One noble feat about this company search engine is the extensive use of Big Data. By analyzing the search intention of users and providing securities data about companies that are of great interests to investor base, as well as useful corporate web-links of companies with focus on select products and services, the upgrade now offers a more convenient search platform. For example, if the user searches ‘Celltrion’, he or she will get the company’s stock information and other peer companies’ data. By the same token, if the user inputs ‘Korean Air’, he or she will get immediate access to flight reservation system and/or baggage policy page.

In addition, Naver has created a ‘enterprise profile’ section within its search page to display a company’s official website, industry, revenue and HQ map. Moreover, it recently signed a partnership deal with NICE, an Evaluation Information company to provide additional convenience of locating various corporate information such as one’s recent performance, financials and authentication information. In aggregate, the search engine maintains up to 25,000 companies of all sizes (Large Enterprise, SMBs and External auditors) and plans to expand its footprint in the near term.

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