Facebook announces “US Presidential Election” as the most influential “Topic of the Year” of 2016


Today, social network is where all kinds of newsworthy incidents get surfaced to the public throughout the year. Facebook, a leading social network, released the ‘Topic of the Year’ video, which reflects on the world’s most popular public figures, events, and topics in 2016.

The results were based on the number of curated posts and user reactions between January 1, 2011 and November 27, 2016.

The most buzzed-about topics among Facebook users were the US presidential election, Pokemon Go, the black human rights movement and Rio Olympics.

In terms of the rankings, the US presidential election, which garnered  global attention, came in #1. The Brazilian government ranked # 2, and the Pokemon Go ranked # 3.

The US presidential election has brought a lot of attention to Facebook users as the election campaigns, debates, and ballot broadcasts were all transmitted in real time through Facebook Live streaming service. The Brazilian government, blamed for the corruption charges of the former President Lula and the impeachment of former President Rousseff, became the subject of the second most popular topic of the year.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Go ranked third because of its viral spread around the world since the launch. Interestingly, more than 7,000 Facebook groups on Pokemon Go exist to date.

The 4th place was “Black Lives Matter”, redeemed as the black human rights movement. Its protest scenes were regularly aired on Facebook via live streaming. The Rio Olympics was also selected as one of the most influential topics of the year, given its festive nature and popularity among the citizens of many countries in 2016. In fact, its players and fans from all over the world were able to use Facebook to exchange love and support among each other. Michael Phelps, a swimming legend, became a popular subject because of his abrupt retirement announcement on Facebook live.

Besides, Filipino presidential elections, Brexit, 50th Super Bowl, genius musician David Bowie, and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali all scored top rankings.

Top 10 topics of the year for 2016 are the following:

  1. US presidential election
  2. The Brazilian government
  3. Pokemon
  4. “Black Lives Matter” movement
  5. Philippine Presidential Election
  6. Rio Olympic
  7. Brexit
  8. The 50th Super Bowl
  9. David Bowie
  10. Muhammad Ali

In addition, Facebook has begun to offer a “reflection year round” feature that allows users to capture and share meaningful moments of the year. For the record, it garnered a great deal of interest in 2015 as it collated important memories shared on users’ Facebook accounts and turned them into cute videos.

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