Outerkorea has launched a new casting platform called ‘Findstar.’

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Outerkorea Corporation (co-representative Wook Won, Gzeonghwan Min), which is a specialized agency that has carried out more than 100 internal and external advertising contracts for South Korea’s major entertainment management agencies, has launched a new casting platform called Findstar.

Findstar matches advertisers and advertising agencies with model management companies. Advertisers can access Findstar and complete an application form to search for particular models, then models can send their offers directly.

By adopting a direct dealing system, Findstar allows advertisers to casts models based on information of models’ undisclosed future activities which is offered free and advertisers can also choose models with various options.

Moreover, Outerkorea supports transaction stability by accurately reflecting the requests of advertisers. After a company shoots with a selected model, Outerkorea continues to support models when they enter contracts with other companies. Outerkorea also provides informations of product placement (PPL).

Wook Won who serves as a representative of Outerkorea said, “We will improve the use of data and the quantification of advertising impact for the selection of suitable models. We will also add some function of big data to help platform participants. ”

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