Streaming Curation Service MFlare Secures Funding from InfoBank Corp.


MFlare, a children’s picture book based curation service, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from InfoBank Corp. MFlare’s “IWING” service allows users to narrate over existing digital storybooks and provides users with video files of the content with personalized audio.

With over 200,000 downloads and 6,000,000 cumulative views since its beta launch in October 2014, IWING has been able to provide educational content to infants and young children, particularly appealing to families with full-time working parents. Currently, IWING has over 40,000 books available for streaming, and it has been creating 2,500 new books each month for children of all ages.

“InfoBank will not hesitate to provide mentoring and support for MFlare to further flourish in the childcare market,” stated an official from InfoBank Corp. The official also added that “MFlare would be able to create a synergy with other childcare startups that InfoBank Corp. had already invested in, enabling each company to reach the best position in its respective field.”

Simultaneously, InfoBank Corp. is working on advancing its interactive messaging services and smart car embedded software R&D, while continuously striving to discover and aid key startups through investments and consultation.
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