AdAlarm Allows Users to Wake Up and Make Money


On January 18th, BDC Factory Inc. announced the launch of AdAlarm, a reward alarm application. AdAlarm is a “typing alarm mission” service requiring users to type a certain sentence shown on the screen to turn off the alarm. Because the alarm can be turned off only by typing the certain sentence, the company believes that it will aid users to wake up.

By completing the “typing alarm mission,” users earn reward points that can be redeemed as gift cards and cash in the in-app store. Other than the basic “typing alarm mission,” AdAlarm users can earn more points by installing advertised applications, clicking on hyperlink and more.

AdAlarm is not only faithful to its original functionality as an alarm, but it also pays attention to a variety of user convenient functions, including a white noise timer and an option to select user’s own music as an alarm sound.


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