Korea is ranked 3rd in sales and 8th in downloads on Google Play


App Annie published its 2016 Retrospective Report about the global mobile app market ecosystem and trends. According to this report, Korea ranks 3rd in Google Play sales, 8th in Google Play downloads, and 8th in IOS sales.


Growth in use, downloads, and sales in the mobile app market space has reached a record high in 2016. Usage in 2016 (# of hours) around the world was 900 billion hours and has increased 25% from 2015 (900 billion hours is equivalent to one hundred million years).


Global app downloads have also increased 15%, reaching 90 billion downloads in 2016. Google Play’s download experienced the biggest growth overall; however, iOS downloads have also increased significantly driven by growth in the Chinese market. Publishers made more than $35 Billion in profits from the iOS Appstore and Google Play in 2016. This is a 40% growth compared to 2015.


App Annie points out that video streaming apps, mobile retail apps, video marketing via social apps and mobilization of retail banking have all seen significant financial growth in 2016.

In 2016, both messaging apps and social media apps were popular, but as the role of mobile apps have increased in our daily lives, various categories such as shopping, video streaming, and travelling have also seen exponential growth. This trend can also be seen in the Korean app market. Snow, a video messaging app, ranked 1st in downloads for both iOS and Google Play. Social media apps such as Kakaotalk, Facebook, BAND and Kakaostory were popular. According to Korea MAU (Monthly Active User) chart, video streaming app Youtube and music streaming app Melon were both ranked 10th for Iphones, and shopping app Coupang was ranked 9th for Android.


In terms of sales, Kakaotalk was ranked 1st consistent with previous year. Dating apps such as Amanda (4th), Date at noon (8th), It’s time for you to start dating (10th) were all ranked among top 10 Sales. Apps with popular contents such as Pooq, Lezhin Comics, Line Play, Melon, and Bugs were all ranked highly.

The notion that game apps are most profitable stayed consistent this year. App Annie revealed that in the global mobile app market, game apps make up 75% of profits in the iOS app store and 90% of the profits in Google Play. Pokemon GO reached 800 million dollars of consumer expenditure in 110 days (950 million dollars at the end of 2016). This was the record breaking speed and was much faster than the average successful mobile games.

On the other hand, NetMarble Games’ Everybody’s Marble, Seven Knights, and Lineage II Revolution were ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively for total Korean iOS and Google Play mobile game app market sales.


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