Korean Tourism Startups Gather Voices Together


The preliminary presentation event for the establishment of “Korea Tourism Startup Association” (title subject to change) took place at the Center for Creative Economy and Innovation in Seoul on January18th.

Over 120 participants which comprised of the foundation preparation committee, CEOs of 10 tourism startups, representatives from the media and the Korean government were present at the event. The association will be officially established in May according to the preparation committee.

While explaining the main objectives of the association, HongYeol Kim, CEO of Hotel Sleepy Panda and a member of the preparation committee, stated “although many startups have been founded since the government increased funds for tourism startups, opportunities for these companies to communicate and share thoughts have long been limited.” He added “as tourism industry is susceptible to external factors and can easily fuse with other fields of business, I hope the association will provide practical supports that reflect this volatile nature of tourism industry and chances for the startups to share information and cooperate.”

Dabeeo CEO JuHum Park stated, “we are aiming to connect with more tourism startups and officially establish the association within the first half of the year,” and once established, “the association will work to benefit tourism startups by regularly holding forums and network gatherings for its members, and issuing government proposals.”

Along with the presentation, the Korea Tourism Organization and Seoul Tourism Organization gave a brief demonstration of this year’s tourism startup supporting programs, and were well-received by the participating startup companies.

SangMin Bae, CEO of SNBSOFT and the head of the preparation committee, stated “although domestic tourism industry has achieved growth in its quantitative aspect, the industry still faces obstacles such as extreme competition against large Chinese corporations.” He added that “Korea Tourism Startup Association should play an active role in providing venues for startups to effectively share ideas and grow together.”

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