Kick it with KitKit School – an ed app debuting at an XPRIZE event


Education service startup Enuma debuted its child education application KitKit* School at Global Learning XPRIZE.

Global Learning XPRIZE is a public competition event that aims to promote developing open sources scalable software solutions that bring basic reading, writing, and arithmetic education to children in developing countries. Tanzania, whose native languages are English and Swahili, was selected as the first subject country for competition. XPRIZE Foundation, the host of the competition, believes that providing education to children living in such countries will grant feasible steps toward sustainable growth. XPRIZE Foundation additionally hosts other renowned competitions including Ansari XPRIZE ($10M), IBM-Watson AI XPRIZE ($4.5M), and Google Lunar XPRIZE ($30M). Elon Musk, the prominent CEO of Tesla, was particularly encaptured by XPRIZE, and pledged $15M for the competition’s prize.

Enuma was founded in Silicon Valley by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, a couple who started their careers at NC Soft. The firms greatest achievement to date was Todo Math, an education application that was ranked #1 on the Apple App Store for education in 20 different countries. Now, competing under a new name Todo School, Enuma is distinguished as the only competitor that contains Korean developers operating as key figures.

The couple expressed their ambition by commenting, KitKit School is built upon our past experiences of developing apps for education, gaming, and international development. We wish to provide an educational tool for those less fortunate population of refugees, handicapped, and impoverished. The aforementioned groups usually do not have sufficient educational systems or are faced with difficulty when trying to attend school.”

In order to ensure such achievement, Enuma has formed a team of education researchers and game-developers. The firm has received additional support from KOICAs SEED program, CTS. Also, through a collaboration with an international humanitarian NGO, Good Neighbors, Enuma has conducted two separate local field tests in Tanzania during July and November.

The XPRIZE competition is comprised of 3 main segments: an application process, a field test, and a round for open pitch. By July of 2017, 5 finalists will be announced. At that time, finalists will conduct field tests under the watch of UNESCO and the UN Food & Agriculture Organization. The final winner will be announced in April of 2019; however, the results of all tests administered by the 5 finalists, will be available as open source to aide in the fight against illiteracy among the children of the world.


*Kitkit means to think in Thai



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