The Clozet: Share 2, and Enjoy 3 Free Designer Bags per Month

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The Clozet Company launched “My Bag Sharing” service on January 25th. My Bag Sharing is a new service that combines its existing monthly subscription and P2P sharing service, allowing users to try up to 3 designer bags per month for free, after sharing 2 of her own bags.

The Clozet’s monthly membership was well-received during the open beta in September, and the available membership slots filled up quickly. Within three months, the number of advanced reservations exceeded the number of bags in service by fivefold.

Juhee Seong, the CEO of the Clozet, said, “The monthly subscription model has been very popular beyond our expectations. Given such high demand for our service and considering the fact that the Clozet member owns 4 to 5 premium bags on average, we thought My Bag Sharing service had high potential in this market and decided to launch it. We’ll continue to test different business models to differentiate ourselves and incorporate the notion of fashion-sharing into our daily lives.”
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