An application ‘Baptime’ launched a real-time communication service ‘Cook talk’ for cooking

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A new mobile app called Baptime (“Meal time” in Korean), which helps people prepare meals, has started a new service called Cook Talk. People can share cooking related questions, answers, their own cooking tips or personal cooking experiences with real-time communication service. When users upload questions on the Baptime, they will receive alerts when their questions get answered. Answers are written by community leaders with rich cooking experiences, also known as Cooking Managers, and other users who have already uploaded the corresponding recipe. Co-founder of Baptime, Eunyoung Lee, stated that even though housewives ask about recipes by calling or messaging their friends and family, it is difficult to receive clear instructions or answers on time. Additionally, it is even harder for regular housewives to find  proper advisors about the latest recipes. Lee hopes that housewives can overcome their fear of cooking through Cook Talk.

Meanwhile, Baptime mobile application has been downloaded more than 200,000 times in just three months after its official launch. Baptime was originally made for solving housewives’ worries about planning every meal. It is especially  popular among young housewives who want to make delicious dishes with the ingredients already available in their refrigerators. Co-founders, Gawon Jung and Eunyoung Lee  are industry veterans with 17 years of product development experience. They have previously launched a successful application, Oh My Chef, which has more than 3.5 million downloads. Combining strong technical background with in-house contents development team, Baptime is able to operate without depending on external recipe contents. Baptime has secured an  investment from the early stage investor, The Ventures investment.

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