This startup creates a bridge between companies and headhunters


Success of headhunting depends on the ability of an individual headhunter rather than that of a search firm (headhunting company). Therefore, corporate recruiters had a need to find specialized headhunters rather than search firms and, in reverse, headhunters had a need to continuously find companies needing headhunting services; however, in the existing market, there was no service that could connect corporate recruiters to headhunters.

Innerlink (CEOs Kim Taesoo, Choi Younggil) launched Innerlink (same name as the company), an O2O service directly connecting companies that need headhunting services to headhunters.

When a company requiring headhunting posts a job opening on Innerlink, the service starts with headhunters making suggestions and the company choosing an appropriate headhunter. Then Innerview will arrange a direct meeting between the company recruiter and the headhunter.

“Innerlink will be an innovative solution to the traditional headhunting and recruitment market system,” announced Kim Taesoo and Choi Younggil, CEOs and former headhunters.

Inspired by Platum

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