Flitto Launches a Free Real-Time Translation Service

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On January 25th, Flitto announced its free real-time text translation service, which is based on the company’s self-language data that it had accumulated for over five years. When a user inputs a word or a sentence into the translation request window, the real-time translation feature instantly provides translations with example sentences.

Even when the user inputs one simple word, the service will supply various sentences that are used with high frequency with the respective word. In addition, the feature can pronounce translated text, which can be useful for communication when traveling abroad.

Flitto’s real-time text translation service is available in 18 languages, and the updated app can be downloaded on the App Store and Play Store.

“With the new update, we will enjoy the advantages of a collective intelligence translation service that provides high-quality results along with a fast and convenient machine translation service. The day has come for people to freely communicate and enjoy diverse cultures without language barriers,” stated Jung-soo Lee, CEO of Flitto.

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