Handcrafted Goods Marketplace Idus Exceeds Total Sales of 20 Billion KRW


BackPackr Inc. (CEO: DongHwan Kim), a management company for the handcrafted product marketplace called idus, announced that the company’s total sales exceeded 20 billion KRW in just 6 months after the company reached the 10 billion KRW mark in August.

Idus is the largest mobile marketplace for handmade goods in South Korea with over 1,500 artists as its active participants. Users can view and purchase over 30,000 products made by craft artists from any region of the nation using this app. Artists can upload detailed crafting processes and share daily life stories as well. The application allows direct communication between the users and artists via comments and messages.

Idus rewarded artists a total of 15.5 Billion KRW last year with monthly sales per artist averaging around  1.8 Million KRW. Some popular artists sold nearly 80 Million KRW worth of products every month.

The endeavor taken by BackPackr is also meaningful in its social entrepreneurship aspect considering South Korea’s current issue regarding female employment. Many female artists quit jobs when they give birth to children. They often face difficulties returning to the job market after raising their children to a certain age. Idus offers these returning female artists an easy access to consumers who are interested in their artworks.

BackPackr CEO DongHwan Kim stated, “These meaningful results were made possible in part by the recent rise of personalized and value-central consumer trends.” He added that the company will work to achieve popularization of handcrafted goods by including a wider range of artworks made by more diverse artists.

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